School of Health and Human Sciences

UNCG HDFS ranked as one of the top HDFS graduate programs in the country! For more information about the Graduate Program, refer to Family Matters 2019.

Graduate Programs in Human Development and Family Studies

The Department of Human Development and Family Studies offers the following graduate programs:

Programs of study are multidisciplinary, calling for a synthesis of knowledge from the social and behavioral sciences, and for an examination of the influence of social context and policy variables on individual and family behavior. Graduate coursework focuses on the contributions of family, peer, school and other cultural contexts to the social and intellectual development of children and adults, the changing nature of the family constellation, local and national policies affecting families, media and technological innovations, adolescent and adult development, family resource management and issues related to the elderly. Doctoral students have considerable flexibility in tailoring their studies to special interests and career goals. Faculty research interests range from micro-analytic analyses of peer and parent interactions and experimental tests of children’s social and cognitive development to national surveys and the secondary analysis of child and family survey data. Within these general areas of concentration students focus upon more specific topics of study.

According to HDFS Department records, we have a 100% job placement rate in an HDFS related field for Ph.D program graduates and 93% job placement rate in a related field for MS-thesis graduates. Records are not as complete for online graduates of the BK:ILP, BK:ISED, and LECE programs, but indications are that graduates are very successful in finding jobs in those fields as well.