School of Health and Human Sciences

Equity – Integrity – Community – Intentionality

Values that define our purpose and guide our commitment to children, youth, adults, and families.

Welcome to the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. Our mission is to educate, train, disseminate research and impact practices.  We focus on how people and relationships change over time and the influence of contexts on change. This allows us to enhance the quality of life for individuals within their changing relationships and across diverse contexts.

To get to know us, I invite you:

As current and future students, to explore our undergraduate programs (and the many career options), and our nationally renowned graduate programs;

As researchers, to review the breadth of theoretically-based and contextually-rich research for expanding new knowledge and collaborative possibilities; and

As practitioners, to explore our work on developmentally appropriate interventions and practices that can support your efforts and initiatives.

I look forward to us connecting across these areas in facilitating supportive opportunities and positive trajectories for individuals and families!

Dena Phillips Swanson, PhD Department Chair