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UNCG Gerontology Students

Current UNCG Gerontology students are welcome to send:
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Amanda Haefner

I plan to pursue a journey as a gerontechnologist, integrating consumer technology into the lives of older adults in the pursuit of a better, easier, and more joyful aging journey. Using technology to connect us, whether with a healthcare professional, family member, or online gaming friend not yet met, is something I believe can change our world for the better. Older adults have everything they need to adopt these tools, and I plan to connect people with the right options for them.

Jacqueline Sinicrope

I’m excited about the opportunities that a career in aging will provide. As a Geriatric Care Manager, I’ll be able to effectively assess and meet the needs of older adults and caregivers in my community. I also look forward to contributing to the research and knowledge base, as well as positively representing and promoting the field of Gerontology.

Jacqueline began her MS in Gerontology in 2020.

Amanda Gordon-Redmon

I would like to become an Advocate to assist older adults and their caregivers with getting access to the services they need. I am also interested in creating policies that would close the gaps in health disparities among the aging population.

Amanda entered the Gerontology Masters Program in 2020.

Marcus Blackwell

It is my hope and passion that as I pursue my career in gerontology, I will have the opportunity to work in multiple areas in the GERO field. At this time, I feel like that ensuring older adults have proper social support systems as they age with a focus on family caregiving roles and support is highly important. Other areas of interest that I would like to pursue would be in queer research highlighting relationships (familial and romantic) as older adults. There is also interest in doing work as an End of Life Doula to help older adults and families be on one accord as life changes for them. Overall, I’m excited about this journey and connecting my experiences to a new career path.

Marcus joined the program in the fall of 2019

Tori Stressman

I have loved every second of my experience as a gerontology student At the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. My belief is that aging is a blessing and that all aging individuals deserve the right to experience the blessings that come with aging. As a gerontologist my number one goal is to make sure that I provide the opportunities for each aging individual that I work with the opportunity to experience those blessings. The education I received from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro gerontology department has provided me with Incredible amount of information to make my goal possible. I would have to say my favorite class was diversity inclusion and aging.

Grace Ratcliff

My name is Grace L. Ratcliff and I am a professional in the Gerontology field. My goals and aspirations are to pursue a career as a Geriatric Program Coordinator at a Nursing Home here in Greensboro, NC, that will allow me to coordinate activities and events that will be beneficial to the physical, mental and emotional well being of the residents. I also want to start a non-profit organization that gives help and hope to surviving victims of Elderly Abuse. I plan to put my bachelors and masters degree to great use and make a huge impact and difference in the Geriatric World.

Landon Terry

I plan on applying to either a PA or OT program upon graduation and return to a career focusing on the older population. I have always been passionate about working and volunteering with older adults. This highly supportive program has allowed me to better recognize disparities and other risks in older age groups that continuously change.

I began the MS in Gerontology Fall of 2019.

Jesse Granger

My name is Jesse Granger, and I am a third semester Master of Science in Gerontology student. “My aspiration in becoming a Gerontologist is to glean as much knowledge as possible from the generations that have journeyed this Earth before me. I would like to highlight older adults’ first hand accounts of historic events, memories of shifts in societal norms, and how they have changed as individuals throughout the aging process. In recording these human histories, I would hope to spark the interest in the younger population to view older adults not as a drudgery, but as a vast untapped well of knowledge and experiences we will never have the opportunity to organically duplicate. After completing my Master’s of Science in Gerontology, I would love to obtain a PhD in higher education to pursue professorship.”

Felicia Wood

I am Felicia Wood and I have worked with Adult Services in a county DSS setting for more than 15 years, both as a social worker and now in supervision for quite some time. My hope is that by obtaining my Master of Science in Gerontology, I will be better equipped to serve the aging population in our community, specifically those who come from what is considered to be a lower socio-economic status. Through my professional experiences I have learned there is a huge disparity among seniors in that realm. My goal is to be a resource for those people who may otherwise have no one working on their behalf to enhance their quality of life.

Austin Caton-Isham

I am thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful program! In my past work history, I have provided Medicaid Case Management, written behavioral health plans, and provided case management for I/DD populations. Currently, I work for an Area Agency on Aging, providing case management and resources to family caregivers of diverse backgrounds. My first Masters degree is in Abnormal Psychology and I am very excited to learn more about the aging process and its applications with mental health.

I currently live in Wake Forest, NC with my husband and three beautiful dogs.