Department of Social Work

Any North Carolina resident, at least age 65, is permitted to audit undergraduate courses at UNCG without payment of tuition and fees.

According to Section 10.12. (a) Chapter 115B of the North Carolina General Statute authorizes a bill to allow senior citizens to audit UNC and Community College courses. North Carolina General Statute 115B-2.2 is as follows:

“Any person who is at least 65 years old may audit courses offered at the constituent institutions of The University of North Carolina and the community colleges as defined in G.S. 115D-2(2) without payment of any required registration fee or tuition for the audit provided the audit is approved in accordance with policies adopted by the Board of Governors and the State Board of Community Colleges for their respective institutions, and there is no cost to the State. A person shall be allowed to audit a class under this section only on a space available basis. Persons auditing classes under this section shall not be counted in the computation of enrollment for funding purposes. This section does not apply to audits of courses provided on a self-supporting basis by community colleges.”

Auditing a course means you are registered in a course but will not receive earned credit hours, grade point average (GPA) hours, or quality points. Students who audit courses are expected to attend their classes regularly. Participating in class discussions, tests, and/or exams are optional with the instructor.

You can read more about course auditing policies and procedures on Spartan Central.

Those who have attained the age of 65, are a North Carolina resident as defined by the institution, and meet applicable admission standards are eligible to audit courses on a tuition-free basis. In order to prove residency, you must have a Residency Certification Number (RCN).  You can obtain your RCN through Residency Determination Service (RDS) at no cost.  Complete the Residency Determination process to receive your RCN.  The RCN is required on Course Audit Request Form.

  • You may audit up to six (6) credit hours per semester.
  • Only undergraduate courses are eligible for enrollment.
  • You must have the permission of the instructor to enroll.
  • Complete and submit the Course Audit Request Form (PDF) including signature of the course instructor to UNCG’s Registrar’s Office:
    • Mailing address: PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
    • Physical address: 1202 Spring Garden St, Greensboro, NC 27412 (Mossman Building)
  • It is recommended that you first identify the course(s) you wish to take, as well as, receive departmental/instructor approval to take the course before completing the form.

Is there someone I can speak to regarding the Senior Citizen Course Audit Program?

You may contact the Gerontology Program Coordinator, Dr. Elise Eifert, at or 336-256-1099.

What item(s) will I need to submit when applying to the Senior Citizen Course Audit program?

If this is your first time participating in the audit program, you must provide verification of your age along with a completed Course Audit Request Form (PDF). This is usually completed by scanning a copy of a government issued ID (with your date of birth visible on the ID) and submitting with the Course Audit Request Form.

Please note that you must complete and submit the audit form for each semester you plan to audit a course. Audit forms must be received prior to the end of the last day to add or drop a course with no grade — this date can be found on the Academic Calendar.

Where can I find a list of course offerings?

You can start by looking at UNC Greensboro schedule of classes when it posts each semester. Older adults take a wide range of courses; ranging from various course topics, including foreign language, political science, physical fitness, and many more.

If you have questions about course content or seeking permission to take a course, contact the academic department of that course. Please note that independent studies, laboratory courses, internships, distance education (online), and graduate (500+) courses are not eligible for the Senior Citizen Course Audit program.

When will I be registered for my course(s)?

Older adults will begin to be registered following the last day of the last orientation session. This is to ensure that degree-seeking students are given priority during the registration period. As such, please have alternative course options available in case your preferred option fills up!

If you have not already acquired permission from the department and/or instructor to take your chosen course, we will contact the department on your behalf prior to registration.

Is there a fee associated with this program?

No, older adults taking part in the course audit program have their tuition and fees waived. Please note, fees associated with parking, books, and specific course fees are the responsibility of the student.

How does parking work on campus?

Older adults participating in the course audit program are considered visitors to the university. Visitors are ineligible to purchase parking permits and must park in designated Visitor Parking areas paying the hourly rate. For more information on locations of Visitor Parking, visit UNCG Parking Operations.