School of Health and Human Sciences

Students create Podcasts to highlight important topics in genetics.

In the fall 2018 semester, students in GEN618 – Psychosocial Seminar were paired in first year-second year teams and assigned to create a podcast on a genetics topic of their choice. Below are recordings of the podcasts from the fall semester.

Crime Scene Technology – Fall 2018

This podcast discusses how law enforcement and the FBI uses genetic technologies to identify perpetrators, including information on how the notorious Golden State Killer was finally caught.

Genetics in the News – Spring 2019

This podcast reviews recent news stories in the field of genetics, covering topics like testing for Lynch syndrome, using genetic testing for cancer treatment, IVF using DNA from three parents, and new CRISPR technology.

Margaret Hill  ’19 & Haley Fischman ’20

Carrier Screening – Fall 2018

This podcast discusses how carrier screening is used for family planning, how patients find it useful, and the future of carrier screening moving forward.

The Diagnostic Odyssey  – Spring 2019

This podcast discusses the diagnostic odyssey, which is the medical journey that patients and families go through when there is no obvious diagnosis for their symptoms or conditions.

Clayton Mann ’19 & Laura Bulmer ’20

Sex Selection -Fall 2018

This podcast discusses a news story regarding a female-for-male embryo exchange that occurred here in the US, ethical considerations that accompany sex selection, and how genetics contributes to sex selection in regular society.

Women in Science – Spring 2019

This podcast discusses important women in science who were denied credit and forgotten in history, including Rosalind Franklin, Nettie Stevens, and Salome Gluecksohn-Waelsch.

Mercedes Zoeteman ’19 & Sarah Burzynski ’20

23&Me Genetic Testing  -Fall 2019

This podcast discusses direct to consumer genetic testing, including services provided by the company 23&Me.

Diversity in Genetic Testing and Healthcare  – Spring 2019

This podcast discusses the lack of representation of individuals of non-European ancestral backgrounds in genome-wide association studies.

Ryan Hartman ’19 & Aimee Durrett ’20

DNA Sequencing and Genetic Privacy – Fall 2018

This podcast discusses concerns about genetic privacy associated with direct to consumer genetic testing that were brought to light by the notorious Golden State Killer case.

Newborn Screening and Early Check – Spring 2019

This podcast discusses newborn screening and a related research study in North Carolina called Early Check, which extends the typical newborn screening panel to include fragile X syndrome and spinal muscular atrophy.

Evelyn Cabon ’20 & Dan Serber ’20

House Bill to Expand Access to Genetic Services – Fall 2018

This podcast discusses a legislative bill that was introduced to the House of Representatives in October 2018 that would recognize genetic counselors as Medicare providers and expand access to genetic counseling services for Medicare beneficiaries.

Julianne Streukens ’19 & Christina Pool ’20

Sickle Cell Testing for College Athletes – Fall 2018

This podcast discusses controversies surrounding the NCAA’s endorsement of sickle cell trait testing for all NCAA college athletes.

Genetic Counseling for Down Syndrome – Spring 2019

This podcast discusses the challenges of providing patients with all the information necessary for decision-making while also advocating for the disability community.

Stacey Wallen ’19 & Haley Hill ’20

History and Future of Embryo Editing – Spring 2019

This podcast discusses research involving embryo editing, CRISPR technology, and the related ethical and social implications.

Sam Miller ’19 & Matt Skorski ’19