School of Health and Human Sciences

So, you got an interview at a genetic counseling program – congratulations! This is a big accomplishment and you should be proud of that. However, you probably have some questions as you prepare for the next part of your application journey, as expected. To help out, some of the current students in the UNC Greensboro Genetic Counseling Program put together some of their experiences and advice for future interviewees that you can find here. Sometimes it helps to hear the perspective of someone who has so recently been through it, so we hope they can provide you with some helpful interview tips. These perspectives are meant for anybody preparing for interviews at a genetic counseling program, not just UNC Greensboro specifically. Hopefully they can help to prepare you and calm your nerves a bit!

Interview season can be a very challenging yet very rewarding time in your life, so take a deep breath and enjoy it! Don’t forget that you got this far in the application process for a reason, so use interviews as an opportunity to show programs who you are as a person. Try to remember why you want to be a genetic counselor and keep that with you throughout the process. We wish you the best of luck with interviews!