School of Health and Human Sciences

Gabby Iverson

Gabby Iverson, '23
B.A. Psychology and Arabic Studies (2016)

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Brief Bio

Gabby is from Iowa City, IA. She graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with her B.A. in Psychology and Arabic Studies in 2016. 


During her time at DePaul she participated in opportunities for psychology research, including completing an honors thesis on perceptions of politicians’ immoral behaviors. She also had an opportunity to spend a summer in New York City interning at the SPAM lab at NYU assisting with studies about implicit bias and anxiety contagion. Her favorite experience throughout college was being able to work as a student mentor and TA for special freshman classes that involved going on fieldtrips to help orient new students to navigating the city. She also volunteered as a stats tutor and peer mentor for the psychology department. 


After graduation, Gabby spent a couple of years back in Iowa City, where she attended the University of Iowa to complete her prerequisite science classes. During that time, she worked in a neurology research lab where she helped characterize groups of neurons in the parabrachial region of the mouse brain by using in-situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry techniques. She gained exposure to the field of genetic counseling through shadowing at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and attending many of their genetic counseling career events. She also spent time tutoring a student with learning differences and worked as an overnight crisis counselor at CommUnity Crisis Services. 


In 2019 she moved to Rochester, MN to begin working at Mayo Clinic Labs as one of the inaugural genetic counseling assistants. She had the opportunity to work with more than 35 different genetic counselors in specialty areas including hematopathology, hereditary oncology, cytogenetics, whole exome sequencing, and personalized genomics. She gained experience triaging incoming test orders, gathering information from providers, working with prior authorizations, and determining appropriateness of testing. During that time she also completed training and volunteered as an advocate at Olmstead County Victim Services. 


In her spare time, Gabby enjoys watching horror movies, running, hiking, napping with her two cats, and playing video games. You are absolutely welcome to contact her and she is happy to answer any questions from prospective students.