School of Health and Human Sciences

Do you require a specific undergraduate major?
No.  We do not require a specific undergraduate major as long as an applicant has completed the 3 required prerequisite courses.

What are your GRE requirements?
The GRE is not required for admission.

How high are the GPA scores of applicants that are admitted to your program? 
The minimum undergraduate GPA requirement is 3.0.  The Association of Genetic Counseling Program Directors (AGCPD) compiles national data about the average GPA scores of students admitted to accredited programs.  Students admitted to our program typically meet or exceed these standards. Compiled data can be found on the AGCPD website.

My undergraduate GPA is less than the required 3.0.  Can I still be considered for admission to your program?
In cases where an applicant is otherwise well-qualified we may be able to waive this requirement.  In this situation, we encourage applicants to demonstrate their academic abilities by completing additional, relevant, upper level undergraduate or graduate level courses. 

I completed an undergraduate research project.  Will this make my application more competitive?
Yes.  Although this is not a firm requirement for admission to our program, we do consider undergraduate research experience as a part of application review.  Undergraduate research may be in the form of an independent student research project, capstone experience, or work as a research assistant.  Research experience obtained following completion of your degree will also be considered. Be sure to include this experience clearly on your resume.

Do you require any specific types of laboratory experiences?
No.  However, most competitive applicants have completed laboratory courses and many have other laboratory experiences as an undergraduate research assistant or through completion of an undergraduate research project.

Do you require genetic counseling internship/shadowing experience or crisis counseling/advocacy experiences?
While in-person genetic counseling experiences are not required for admission to our program, they are strongly encouraged. Additionally, completion of formal training associated with crisis counseling has been cited by students and graduates as being a critical component of their success, and is therefore also strongly recommended.  You can find more information about this on the “FAQ: Recommended Experiences” website.

Are there any additional requirements for international applicants?
Yes. International applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English. Transcripts must be submitted in English and must be accompanied by a NACES-affiliated credential evaluation service, preferably Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE), Educational Perspectives (EP), International Education Research Foundation (IREF), or World Education Services (WES). You can find more information about these requirements by viewing Information for International Applicants at the Graduate School Website. Please see additional information for international applicants compiled by NSGC’s International Special Interest Group (SIG).

I’m a reapplicant. Can I reuse previously submitted materials?
Yes, you are able to reuse any previously submitted materials in a current application. That said, it is likely to be most beneficial for you to submit an updated resume/CV, personal statement and video that reflect your experiences and perspective to date, including the time from your previous cycle.