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Hello Everyone! Welcome to the UNCG Genetic Counseling Program Student Perspectives! A couple of us in our first year have decided that we wanted to provide some student perspectives to incoming applicants or anyone else interested in genetic counseling. While we will be writing about our experiences at UNCG, some of our thoughts will hopefully […]

Am I Making the Right Choice/Acceptance Anxieties By Mercedes Zoeteman, 1st year GC Student With the new MATCH system in place, I’m sure that brings in a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, especially because this is the first year it is rolled out for genetic counseling. While you’ve had your interview, and now you are […]

Tips from 1st year GC Students Ahh, January. The time of the year that genetic counseling prospective students both excitingly anticipate and painfully dread all in one breath. Getting interview invites was definitely an exciting, and yet nerve wracking, time, so congratulations! You’ve put in hours of work shadowing, volunteering, writing your personal statement over and […]