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Meet the School of Health and Human Sciences new faculty and staff!

We are proud to introduce our newest faculty and staff members to the School of Health and Human Sciences. They offer a range of expertise and their collective accomplishments are invaluable. We are excited about their future impact on the work of HHS.

HHS New Faculty

Clinton Allred

Dr. Clinton Allred, Ph.D.

Lake Simpson Dickenson Distinguished Professor
Department of Nutrition

“I have had the good fortune to pursue a number of different, externally funded research projects over the last 20 years that, in general, fall under the umbrella of women’s health. I am a trained nutritionist and toxicologist and the vast majority of my work has focused on how hormones and diet-derived compounds influence the development and progression of cancer. I hope to interact with new colleagues at UNCG in an effort to ask new and novel questions that ultimately impact the health of individuals in North Carolina and beyond.”

“When interviewing for the position, which I was honored to be offered, I was thoroughly impressed by the diversity and general collegiality of the faculty… Of key interest to me was the vibrant student population and the commitment from the HHS faculty and staff to serve and educate these students.”

Chantelle S. Caro

Dr. Chantelle S. Caro, Ph.D.

APT Assistant Professor
Department of Social Work (Gerontology)

“As a gerontologist, what really stood out to me about HHS was the connections I felt I could make across disciplines as a faculty member, and the potential for collaborations and networking for gerontology students.”

“While not new to HHS, the format of the online master’s program in gerontology is only a few years old. I’m most excited in figuring out the different ways I can help the program grow and how HHS can support the growth of our students and program. I’m looking forward to exploring ideas of how to reach undergraduate students in HHS as well as students out of state who are trying to find their way in a helping profession and have not heard of gerontology.”

Judith Leitch

Dr. Judith Leitch, Ph.D., LICSW

Assistant Professor
Department of Social Work

“I’m excited to be at HHS because the school reflects so many of the values I share, like diversity in action, not just diversity in theory. The school is composed of a wide variety of students and meets a diverse range of student needs.

“I’ve gotten a great response from students and faculty interested in connecting on research about sexual and gender minority (SGM; think LGBTQ+SGM) mental health, and I’m really excited to continue my work with other people who are interested in working on addressing minority health disparities as well as establishing community connections that support locally focused, community-reflective research.”

Jessica McNeil

Dr. Jessica McNeil, Ph.D., ACSM-CEP

Assistant Professor
Department of Kinesiology

“I was instantly drawn to the fact that faculty members and the upper administration within HHS value both research and teaching success. Although I completed my graduate work and postdoctoral fellowship at research-intensive institutions, I knew that I wanted to establish a career at an institution where I could develop a successful research program while also pursuing my passion for teaching.”

“My graduate work in exercise physiology focused on the study of various modifiable risk factors (e.g. exercise, diet, sleep) that impact the prevalence and development of chronic diseases linked to obesity. I then completed a postdoctoral fellowship in cancer epidemiology, which enhanced my understanding and capacity to conduct epidemiologic research using population-based data. I am looking forward to combining these research interests that transcend the areas of exercise physiology, nutrition and epidemiology, and complement the work of current faculty members across HHS’ various departments.”

Derek C. Monroe

Dr. Derek C. Monroe, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Kinesiology

“As a neuroscientist with training in kinesiology, I chose HHS because I wanted to be part of a unit that values, and has established research and funding success to study, the role of brain structure and function in understanding health across the lifespan.”

“I’m excited to bring new ideas and methods to HHS, from the ‘bleeding edge’ of human systems neuroscience, that can leverage our multidisciplinary expertise in order to answer impactful scientific questions and train the next generation of scientists”

Mackenzie Ratledge

Mackenzie Ratledge, MEd

Assistant Professor
Human Development & Family Studies

“I chose HHS at UNCG because I wanted to be part of the Nationally Accredited Child Care Education Program here on campus. As an Early Educator, it is exciting to lead a program that sets a high standard for quality child care in our state and does important work in advancing the workforce in our field.”

“I bring many years of expertise as a Director and a regulatory agent with the NC Department of Health & Human Services within the Division of Child Development & Early Childhood Education. At UNCG, the Childcare Education Program has a rich history and I look forward to continuing that tradition while moving us forward with new opportunities to integrate technology and provide outreach training in communities near and far.”

Michelle Martin Romero

Dr. Michelle Martin Romero, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Public Health Education

“Based on my previous experience with UNCG via connections with colleagues and students, I knew that HHS would be a great fit. In particular, I was impressed with the explicitly stated commitment to social justice by PHE.”

“I am excited to bring my program of research on racialized stress, health, and resilience among racial-ethnic minoritized youth and families to the next level at HHS. I believe this work is fundamental to understanding and improving the lived experiences of some of the most marginalized populations in our society today.”

Kierra M.P. Sattler

Dr. Kierra M.P. Sattler, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Human Development & Family Studies

“One of the aspects I was really drawn to about HHS is how well it maps onto my research interests and collaborations, which span the fields of human development and family studies, public health, and social work. I am excited about creating collaborations across the school and continuing an interdisciplinary approach to my work.”

“My research expertise is in risk and resilience among families in poverty and families involved in child protective services. I am very excited to expand my work investigating the processes of resilience, as well as the intersections of early childhood education and child protective services.”

GracieLee Weaver

Dr. GracieLee Weaver, Ph.D., MPH, CHES, NBC-HWC

Assistant Professor
Department of Public Health Education

“I chose HHS because of the support and facilitation of collaboration across the school. I see a lot of opportunities for interdisciplinary work and a unique appreciation for community-engaged work.”

“I am excited to bring new expertise and ideas for workplace health promotion to UNCG and the surrounding community. As part of the Workplace Health Network at UNCG, I hope to learn more about current efforts that overlap with workplace health promotion research and explore new collaborations to support workers’ health.”

Brent D. Wolfe

Dr. Brent D. Wolfe, Ph.D., CTRS, LRT, FDRT

Associate Professor
Department of Community & Therapeutic Recreation

“I chose HHS because of the support, genuine concern, and interest they show to faculty. I was impressed from my first visit with the action and focus placed on faculty development, research support, and community engagement.”

“I feel that I bring a level of passion and excitement for recreational therapy to UNCG. I have extensive experience within the profession and my current role as the executive director for the American Therapeutic Recreation Association allows me to connect UNCG to the profession at the national level.”

HHS New Staff

Charletha Jordan

Charletha Jordan

Administrative Support
Department of Social Work (Gerontology)

“I worked as an administrative assistant with the MD/Phd program at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and relocated to the Greensboro area in the summer of 2019. I wanted to continue working in a university setting because I enjoy working in support of students and faculty in an academic environment.”

“A few of my strong suits would be: organizational skills, time management, professionalism, and problem-solving (if I don’t know it, Google or YouTube does).”

Danielle Salvatore

Danielle Salvatore

Administrative Support Specialist
Department of Peace & Conflict Studies

“I chose HHS because it felt like coming home. I graduated with a minor in Peace & Conflict Studies from UNCG in 2016 and have always felt a strong sense of belonging in the program. Joining the department allows me to assist both faculty and students who share that same sense of belonging.”

“I’m most excited to bring my expertise from the field of International Education to the program! My previous experience has allowed me to understand a diverse variety of higher education institutions and their needs. This will allow me to understand the diverse needs of students in the department.”

Carol Booth

Carol Booth

Graduate Studies Coordinator
Department of Kinesiology

“I attended UNCG as an undergraduate but had to leave due to financial constraints before completing my studies here. I eventually obtained a B.S. from another university, but UNCG has always felt like ‘my university,’ so obtaining a position here felt like coming home… Once I began investigating the department more, I was intrigued and excited about the work being done and wanted to be a part of it. I believe documenting and sharing our knowledge creates a strong team and will make doing so with my colleagues and those that I support part of my personal mission.”

Story by Elizabeth L. Harrison
Photo of Campus by Martin W. Kane, University Communications

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