Center for Women's Health and Wellness

School of Health and Human Sciences

The Center for Women’s Health and Wellness at UNCG, in collaboration with a variety of community organizations and other academic centers and institutions,  is engaged in collaborative scholarship and program development aimed at addressing women’s health and well being.  Below are links to information on our community engaged scholarship projects:

    1. Scholarship related to breastfeeding:


    2. Scholarship related to promoting women’s reproductive health:


    3. Scholarship related to responses to gender-based violence:
      • Making UNCG Campus Safe for All
      • UNCG Safe and Healthy Campus Study
      • Building Capacity to Advance DVSP Responses to LGBTQI Clients and Communities
      • Unlocking Stigma with Survivors of Battering
      • Usability testing of a domestic violence information web-site
      • Safety planning in domestic violence agencies
      • Photovoice for abuse survivors
      • Media coverage of domestic violence and sexual assault


    4. Scholarship related to older women’s health:
        • Woman’s College Alumni Study


    5. Programs and research related to girls and women in sport and physical activity:
      • Advancing our knowledge of concussion in women’s contact
      • Motherhood and Coaching: Balancing Multiple Roles
      • Coaching Coaches
      • How does individual team role and status impact the bystander intentions of student-athletes in sexually violent situations?