School of Health and Human Sciences

Special interest groups are open to all University faculty and are designed to bring together faculty and community partners with common research interests central to women’s health and wellness. Our goals for these special interest groups are to foster networking, identify shared interest and complementary expertise, and build new interdisciplinary collaborations that result in high impact research programs and grant submissions.

Information on special interest group meeting dates and times are posted here.


Physical Activity Behavioral Interventions (PABI) SIG

The PABI-SIG is in direct response to NIH’s Notice of Special Intent (NOSI) on Developing and Testing Multilevel Physical Activity Interventions to Improve Health and Well-Being (NOT-OD-21-087). Physical activity is an important health behavior that is associated with numerous health outcomes and conditions. Yes, only 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 5 adolescents in the US meet activity guidelines.

The purpose of this PABI interest group is to encourage highly innovative and promising translational research to improve our understanding of how to increase and maintain health-enhancing physical activity in girls and women in our community. Multiple NIH institutes are participating in this funding mechanism, which means the research can focus on any developmental stages, across the lifespan, and diverse populations, particularly those at high risk for sedentary behavior, those at high risk for chronic diseases associated with inactivity, and those at risk for food insecurity is sought.


The Center intends to initiate and support additional special interest groups in one or more of the following areas:

  • Pubertal development
  • Hormone actions in health and disease
  • Consequences of brain neurotrauma in females (Spring 2022)
  • Energy availability and resiliency to injury/illness
  • Interdisciplinary training in women’s health research
  • Exercise and cancer (Fall 2021)
  • NIH Notice of Special Intent on Multilevel Physical Activity Interventions (NOT-OD-21-087)

If you have an interest in being involved in one of these interest groups or leading a special interest group on a specific topic focused on women’s health and wellness, please contact Sandy Shultz.