School of Health and Human Sciences

CWHW Fellowships provide faculty the opportunity to collaborate with the Center through a well-defined project that advances both the Center’s strategic initiatives and their own scholarly / professional interests. The experience could culminate in a variety of outcomes including, but not limited to a definitive research project, external grant submission, dedicated time for research training that extends beyond the scope of their current expertise, and program development and assessment.

Other examples for early-stage projects may include

  • establishing community connections,
  • building interdisciplinary collaborations,
  • performing needs assessment,
  • and collecting pilot data needed to support a future interdisciplinary grant submission.

For the 2023 faculty fellow program, priority will be given to faculty member whose scholarly interests focus specifically on Priority #2 as we are in the process of re-envisioning our Program for the Advancement of Girls and Women in Sport and Physical Activity (PAGWSPA) . However, applicants whose research goals center around any topic that addresses the Center’s strategic initiatives are welcome to apply.


Fellow appointments can be for one academic year and include a one-course release each semester. Appointments may be renewable for one additional year depending on the productivity of the collaboration and perceived impact of the additional work on Center strategic priorities (a new application is required).

A $4000 stipend will be given to the home department in Fall and Spring semesters to cover the course release from teaching each semester. Funds up to $4000 to support project goals may be awarded depending on proposed activities and availability of funds. Fellows may also apply through ORE and HHS internal funding mechanisms to further support research activities.


  • Completion of the proposed objectives must be attainable within the specified period (not to exceed one calendar year).
  • The proposed work must include intermediate milestones with success metric(s) to demonstrate progress toward project goals.
  • The fellow will meet regularly with the Center Director and submit a mid-term progress report at the end of the first semester. Second semester course release / funding is contingent on satisfactory progress (e.g., completion of intermediate milestones).
  • Disseminate final findings / outcomes at a CWHW event (e.g., research forum, CWHW speaker series, Core Advisory Team meeting).
  • Participation in Center activities during the time of their fellowship that are relevant to the project goals.