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The Violence Prevention Network (VPN) of Guilford County is hosted by the Program to Advance Community Responses to Violence Against Women in the UNCG Center for Women’s Health and Wellness.

Dr. Stacy Sechrist ( ) is the Coordinator of the VPN. To request that an event or other resource be posted on the VPN Facebook page. please send an e-mail to Stacy Sechrist. Fliers must be in JPEG file formats, and website links are encouraged.

The following individuals serve on the Community Advisory Committee for VPN:

  1. Jeanne Irwin-Olson, Director, UNCG Wellness Center
  2. Kenneth Shultz, Major, High Point Police Department
  3. Lelia Moore, Cone Health Congregational Nurse Coordinator
  4. Gail Foy, Chair, Greensboro Commission on the Status of Women
  5. Christina Dobson, Teen Families Reading Together Coordinator, YWCA Greensboro
  6. Mike Richey, Captain, Greensboro Police Department
  7. Jill Gladieux, Lieutenant, Greensboro Police Department
  8. Tom Campbell, President, and CEO, Family Service of Piedmont
  9. Kelly Graves, Executive Director, and Associate Professor, Center for Behavioral Health and Wellness at NC A & T State University
  10. Rachel ParkerAHT Specialist & Client Advocate, World Relief High Point
  11. Margaret Evans, Refugee Special Cases Coordinator, Church World Service

What is the history of this network?

This network began as the Violence Against Women Responders Network (VAWRN), and the first meeting of the network was held on May 3, 2011. The founding coordinator of the VAWRN was Julie Lapham, who was serving as a volunteer with the UNCG Center for Women’s Health and Wellness as an AmeriCorps Member at the time. From 2012-2013, the co-coordinators were Debra Vigliano (Executive Director at Win-Win Resolutions, Inc.) and Christine Murray.

In October 2013, Christine Murray became the sole coordinator for the network, and it was renamed to become the Violence Prevention Network for Guilford County. The new name was chosen following a vote by Network members and input from the Community Advisory Committee.

In May 2014, Loreen Olson became the VPN coordinator.

In August 2016, Stacy Sechrist became the VPN coordinator.

What is the purpose of this network?
Some of the goals of this network are to:

  • Allow groups and individuals to share information
  • Forge collaborative partnerships for seamless service provision
  • Develop jointly fundable projects addressing community needs and pooling resources
  • Overcome barriers to collaboration and information exchange among network members and
  • Foster university-community partnerships to address interpersonal violence.

What is the meaning of the network’s logo?

The logo was designed to represent the awareness colors for some of the main types of violence that members of the network address. This includes purple (domestic violence and elder abuse), teal (sexual assault and bullying), and blue (child abuse).

How often does the network meet?
The network hosts and co-sponsors meetings and events throughout the year. Announcements about VPN-sponsored events are distributed over the network list-serve and Facebook page.

How do I sign up for the VPN list-serve?

In addition to the VPN Facebook page, we established a list-serve to facilitate communication within the network, and to provide announcements about new programs, services, resources, and events in Guilford County related to violence prevention.

Please note that this is a moderated list. All messages will be reviewed prior to being sent to the list to ensure that they are relevant to the membership of the network.

Others may request to subscribe to this list-serve by sending their e-mail address and full name to Stacy Sechrist ( ).

To post to the list, send an e-mail to Only subscribed users may post to the VPN list-serve.