School of Health and Human Sciences

Fall 2022 Workshop Co-Sponsored by the HHS Office of Research

Hosted on Friday, October 21st from 9:30 – 11:30 am in the Nursing and Instructional Building, Room 510

Ground Zero Research and Racially Minoritized Populations: A Mixed Methods Approach

Abstract: Researchers argue that a scarcity of specialized approaches to meet the specific and
collective needs of racially minoritized populations, has created a need for ground zero research
agendas (Sheftall et al., 2021). These research agendas with racially minoritized populations are
predicated on approaching research as if it is at the beginning stages of investigation. This
approach resists a dominant, white-centered, and male-centered view of problem formulation,
development of interventions, and study design. This workshop will provide an overview of a
ground zero research agenda for suicide research in Black communities. Strategies for
successfully engaging and partnering with diverse churches, faith-based organizations, healthcare
providers, and other community sites for clinical research will be discussed. Further, an
investigation of the development and implementation of community-engaged mixed-methods
approaches will be explored. Participants will engage in small group work sessions to apply
content from the workshop to further build their research strategies and methodology.

Key Learning Objectives:
1) To understand strategies for developing ground zero research agendas with racially
minoritized populations.
2) To learn strategies for successful community-engaged research partnerships with diverse
3) To enhance mixed-methods methodological approaches to ensure alignment with the
needs of racially minoritized communities.