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The Center for Women’s Health and Wellness is hosting the 3rd Annual Research Forum on Women’s Health and Wellness on March 17, 2023. It will consist of a keynote presentation, abstract presentations, roundtables discussions, CWHW research updates, and will be followed by a networking lunch!

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Lenka Shriver


The keynote presentation, “Maternal and Child Health: Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding Psychosocial Correlates of Nutrition-related Outcomes across Development”, will be given by our own Dr. Lenka Shriver.

Dr. Lenka Shriver earned her Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences from Oklahoma State University and is a Professor in the Nutrition department at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Dr. Shriver’s research is concentrated in the areas of child and adolescent nutrition, obesity, and sports nutrition. Her research targets a variety of social, behavioral, and environmental factors (e.g., maternal feeding practices, attitudes related to food and weight) that impact dietary intakes and obesity risk among children. Her sports nutrition work is primarily focused on examining dietary intake, eating habits/attitudes, and body composition changes among high school and college athletes, with a focus on female athletes. Her current research is focused on the influence of feeding practices, parenting style, and emotion regulation on dietary intake and weight status in preschool-aged children, parental weight concerns and body esteem in young children, and disordered eating and emotion regulation in female athletes. In this talk, Dr. Shriver will provide an overview of her research efforts in childhood obesity prevention. She will highlight how interdisciplinary collaborations have advanced her investigations of mother-child feeding interactions and other maternal influences on children’s dietary intake and obesity risk, from infancy to adolescence. She will also highlight her most recent NIH-funded obesity prevention work with her UNCG colleagues, Drs. Leerkes, Wideman, Buehler, and Dollar. She will summarize how utilizing an interdisciplinary approach and a biopsychosocial perspective advance our limited understanding of obesity risk development in early life.


Abstract presentations were given by undergraduate and graduate students from the departments of Nutrition, Kinesiology, Economics, English, and Human Development & Family Studies highlighting the exciting research focused on women and girls’ health and wellness that is occurring at UNCG.

  Abstract & Fellows Presentation (YOUTUBE VIDEO)


“Good Sleep for Good Heath”

“Fostering Community Partnerships and the Value of Community Boards for Research and


CWHW Research Updates & Keynote Speaker (YOUTUBE VIDEO)



This networking lunch, followed by a discussion panel, focused on the topic “Are you balanced”, which was attended by undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff ranging in their type of appointment.

It was a very enlightening and rewarding day! Please be sure to check out some of the resources from this event, and look forward to our next event in 2024!