School of Health and Human Sciences

UNC Greensboro is committed to fostering a caring community where every student has the opportunity to benefit from the school’s programs and activities. Sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking, and intimate partner violence can interfere with a student’s emotional and physical well-being and academic performance. Therefore, UNC Greensboro feels it is important to understand student experiences on campus to help us create and ensure a safe environment.

All students enrolled at UNC Greensboro will be asked to take part in a Campus Climate Survey. We want to understand:

  • students’ perceptions of safety on campus
  • students’ perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors concerning alcohol use, unwanted sexual experiences, and social activities
  • students’ lived experiences, which may include witnessing or experiencing violence and other negative experiences since being enrolled at UNCG
  • to what extent students are knowledgeable of campus resources

Your voice and your feedback are extremely important as they have the potential to help UNCG improve campus safety, prevent violence, increase awareness, and respond in the most effective ways to student needs. We want you to feel comfortable in answering these questions freely and honestly; your answers will remain confidential and no identifying information about you will be collected and/or stored, and you will not be identified in any reporting of results.
You can learn more about the original survey instrument ARC3.