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B.S. in Recreation and Parks – Therapeutic Recreation Concentration

The Therapeutic Recreation (TR) (also known as Recreational Therapy) degree program provides students with requirements necessary to become certified and licensed in North Carolina.

TR students take courses such as assessment, clinical procedures, facilitation techniques, abnormal psychology, human development, anatomy/physiology, helping skills, and medical terminology. TR students also can minor in areas such as human development, gerontology, psychology, or sign language.

The TR concentration also provides the necessary coursework for students interested in pursuing a master’s degree in occupational therapy.

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Careers in TR

CTR graduates in Therapeutic Recreation have secured jobs as Recreation Therapists in Memory Care, Pediatric Care, Rehabilitation, Community Inclusion, Adapted Sports, Long Term Care, Veterans Administration, and Regular and Forensic Behavioral Health.

Why You Want to Study Therapeutic Recreation

  • Ranks in the top 5% of most meaningful majors out of 454 reviewed (Payscale 2019).
  • 4 th best college major leading to a lucrative career with just a BS degree (considering
    starting salary and potential growth) (Today Show, 2012).
  • Field will experience a 7% job growth – “faster than average for all occupations” over next
    decade (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019).

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Why Study CTR at UNCG

  • Our faculty are nationally recognized for their teaching and research in the field of TR/RT
  • Two of our TR faculty serve on the NC state RT licensure board
  • UNCG/TR students have (93%) pass rate on the CTRS exam (higher than national average)
  • CTR has specific training in professional development taught by a Clinical Supervisor
  • CTR has a 1,000 sq. ft TR Lab for training and research for students and community.
  • Many alumni of our program come back as speakers, facilitators, and mentors to our students

The curriculum is consistent with the standards published by

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“The unique feature of RT that makes it different from other therapies is the use of recreational modalities in the designed intervention strategies. RT is extremely individualized to each person by his or her past, present and future interests and lifestyle. The recreational therapist has a unique perspective regarding the social, cognitive, physical, and leisure needs of the patient.


Incorporating client’s interests, and the client’s family and/or community makes the therapy process meaningful and relevant. Recreational therapists weave the concept of healthy living into treatment to ensure not only improved functioning, but also to enhance independence and successful involvement in all aspects of life” (ATRA, 2020)