School of Health and Human Sciences

The curriculum for the Master’s ON-CAMPUS Program in Speech-Language Pathology is designed to meet the 2020 ASHA Certification Standards, as well as the requirements for licensure by the NC Board of Examiners in Speech—Language Pathology and Audiology and the NC Department of Public Instruction.

A typical course sequences is listed below. However, all admitted students will meet with the Director of Graduate Study during there first semester to make modifications to the course sequence if necessary. Click on the course number to view the current syllabus for that class.

Term Course Credit Hours
Fall 1  CSD 606 Cognitive-Linguistic Disorders in Adults (DOCX) 3
 CSD 614 Language Learning Disabilities (DOC) 3
 CSD 629 Dysphagia (DOCX) 3
 CSD 627 Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (DOCX) 1
CSD 638 Minor Area Clinical Practicum (PDF) 1
CSD 671 Clinical Foundations in SLP 1 (DOCX) 3
CSD 671L Clinical Practice 1 2
Spring 1  CSD 604 Fluency Disorders (DOCX) 2
 CSD 616 Motor Speech Disorders (DOC) 3
 CSD 637 P, A, I: School-Age (DOC) 3
 CSD 632 Introduction to Research in CSD (DOCX) 3
 CSD 678 Clinical Foundations in SLP 11 (DOCX) 3
 CSD 678L Clinical Practice 11 2
Summer  CSD 608 Seminar in Cleft Palate (DOC) 3
 CSD 605 Seminar in Medical Aspects of SLP (DOC) 3
 CSD 678 Advanced Clinical Practice in SLP 11(DOC) 3
CSD 679 Service Learning and Clinical Practicum in International settings(DOC)                       6
Fall 2  CSD 600 Professional Issues and Ethics (DOCX) 3
 CSD 612 Augmentative/Alternative Communication (DOCX) 1
 CDS 636 P.A. I – Birth to 5 (DOCX) 3
 CSD 677 Internship in Communication Disorders (DOCX) 9
Spring 2  CSD 633 Special Projects in CSD Research (DOC) 3
 CSD 677 Internship in Comm. Disorders (DOCX) 9