Curriculum Committee

  • Joi Bulls (HDF)
  • Pea Poole (KIN)
  • Judy Kinney (CTR)
  • Lauren Haldeman, Chair (NTR)
  • Ginger Hinton (CSD)
  • Daniel Rhodes, (SWK)
  • Joseph Cole (PCS)
  • Meredith Gringle (PHE)
  • Randi Stewart (GEN)
  • David Demo, ex officio
  • Kathy Williams, ex officio

Promotion and Tenure Evaluation Committee

  • Ben Hickerson (CTR)
  • Allan Goldfarb (KIN)
  • Dan Bibeau (PHE)
  • Robert Mayo (CSD)
  • Mark Fine (HDF)
  • Tanya Coakley, Chair (SWK)
  • Keith Erikson (NTR)
  • Emily Janke (PCS)
  • David Demo, ex officio

Academic Professional Promotion and Evaluation Committee

  • Ali Askarov (PCS)
  • Pam Brown, Co-Chair (KIN)
  • Burgin Ross, Co-Chair (NTR)
  • Lisa Fox-Thomas (CSD)
  • Kim Miller (CTR)
  • Harriette Bailey (HDF)
  • Daniel Rhodes (SWK)
  • Carrie Rosario (PHE)
  • David Demo, ex officio

Inter-Professional Education Advisory Committee

  • Crystal Dixon (PHE)
  • Babbi Hawkins (NTR), co-chair
  • Alicia Kaplan, (SWK), co-chair
  • David Demo, ex officio
  • Kathy Williams, ex officio

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

  • Lisa Walker, HHS Assistant Dean for Research Finance and Operations
  • Jeremy Rinker, Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Yarneccia Dyson, Social Work
  • Crystal Dixon, Public Health Education, Chair
  • Deanne Brooks, Kinesiology

HHS Election and Appointments Committee

  • Alicia Kaplan, Chair
  • Danielle Swick, Current HHS Faculty Assembly Chair
  • Lisa McDonald, Past HHS Faculty Assembly Chair