2018-2019 Faculty & Staff Awardees

Name Department Award Description
Marella Farrington Dean’s Office HHS Outstanding Staff Award Marella is known for her superior customer service, kind personality and contagious laugh. She is always willing to step up and help, find answers, and encourage and empower others.
Ali Askerov Peace and Conflict Studies HHS UNCG Teaching Excellence Award Comments from students and peer evaluations of Ali’s teaching consistently indicate his teaching effectiveness, passion, accessibility to students, and willingness to assist them. His department chair observed that Dr. Askarov works to help students develop the ability to think and engage critically by creating an experiential learning context in which students can move from theory to action.
Kathryn Aldridge Human Development and Family Studies The HHS Mary Frances Stone Teaching Excellence Awawrd Kathryn teaches a variety of courses in the Birth through Kindergarten teacher education program, and teaches courses in both face-to-face and on-online formats. She is well-known for her expertise in online consturuction and advising.
Adam Berg Kinesiology The HHS Gail Hennis Graduate Teaching Award Adam’s chair wrote, Dr. Berg is very creative with his learning and assessment techniques and conscientious about student feedback. His students indicate that he is an expert in his subject matter, well organized, and respectful. Several of Adam’s peers have noted his dedication to student engagement and learning.
Michael Hemphill Kinesiology The HHS Community Engaged Scholarship Award Michael’s community engaged scholarship involves teaching personal and social responsibility through sport, physical activity and physical education. He is also a fellow for the Institute for Community and Economic Engagement and works with the KIN EdD program to facilitate comunity engaged scholarship for the EdD students.
Lenka Shriver Nutrition The HHS Graduate Mentoring Award Lenka guides her graduate students to identify their interests and related professional goals, develop specific knowledge and skills in their area of interest and helps them move towards their long-term professional goals. She also encourages them to share evidence-based nutrition research with the community
Lenka Shriver Nutrition HHS Junior Research Excellence Award Dr. Shriver’s research focuses on child nutrition and obesity; in particular, she studies the behavioral, social and environmental factors that influence dietary intake. She has conducted both basic and applied research and her research has been published in journals from multiple disciplines including nutrition, public health, and child development. Dr. Shriver’s nominators noted her interdisciplinary and collaborative nature, her success securing external funding, and the clear implications of her work for child health.
Laurie Wideman Kinesiology HHS Senior Research Excellence Award Dr. Wideman, the Safrit-Ennis Distinguished Professor of Kinesiology, is an expert in the links among exercise, disease/injury, and endocrine function. Her work in the area of exercise-induced growth hormone release and specifically, the sex related differences in growth hormone release as a potential underlying mechanism for the phenotypic differences in body composition observed in men and women, has been particularly impactful. Dr. Wideman’s nominators noted her collaborative spirit, tremendous success securing external funding, and her efforts to elevate the research of other faculty.