2017-2018 Faculty & Staff Awardees

Ms. April Taylor, SWK – HHS Outstanding Staff Award

This award recognizes a member of the staff in HHS who provides outstanding leadership and service to our School that goes beyond the normal scope of their responsibilities.  This year’s awardee epitomizes those qualities.

“April is always first in line to make a meal for someone having surgery, donate to a cause, or just spend a little extra time helping a new faculty member budget their travel money to make it go further.”

Dr. Jeremy Rinker, PCS – The Contributions to Diversity and Inclusion

The recognizes and rewards faculty and staff who make significant contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion in health and human sciences professions. This year’s award goes to someone whose dedication to diversity and inclusiveness is evident across his research, teaching and community engagement.

  • Studies discourse, culture, justice, oppression and the collective trauma of conflict, particularly with Asian communities
  • Collaborative work with Dr. Dharod in Nutrition with the Bhutanese refugee community in Greensboro
  • Research on Dalit social movement activism in India and leading summer study abroad trip to India
  • Locally serves as the Lead Facilitator for the Restorative Justice Focus Group of the Counter Stories initiative
  • Contributes to numerous blogs and podcasts
  • Teaching: Helps students develop creative peace theory and practice, demonstrated through numerous student testimonials

Dr. Carrie Rosario, PHE – The HHS/UNCG Teaching Excellence Award

The award is made possible each year by the Office of the Provost. Faculty who receive this award are automatically nominated for the University Alumni Teaching Awards.

  • Focus on student-centered learning
  • Goal: To create an environment where students to learn as much about themselves as the material she presents.
  • Leader in online education; students comment how interactive her distance course is
  • Other student comments: Carrie is inspirational, knowledgeable, prepares them for real-world experiences

Dr. Kristine Lundgren, CSD – The Mary Frances Stone Teaching Excellence Award

The award was established in 1957 by her parents, Clarence & Jane Stone, to honor their daughter Mary, class of 1947.  This award is available to any faculty member in the School of HHS.

  • Teaches graduate courses, including two inter-professional courses and distance courses
  • Taught 3-week online course to students studying SLP in Guyana (they will be the first SLPs trained in their country)
  • Advises doctoral students
  • Focus on integrating student feedback to modify teaching style and assignments
  • Her clinical experience helps prepare students for work in the field

Dr. Pam Brown – The Jerry and Joan Morrison Tolley Gail M. Hennis Graduate Teaching Award

This award is available for faculty in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Community and Therapeutic Recreation, Kinesiology and Public Health Education.

  • Director of the KIN online EdD program (first cohort will graduate this year)
  • Teaches 18 credit hours per AY
  • Advising and serving as committee member on 37 EdD dissertations this year
  • Student feedback: She is approachable, accessible, organized and thoughtful

“She is the reason that many students’ dreams of earning a doctorate are coming true. This program is a direct result of her professional ability to accomplish great things in academia.”

Dr. Tanya Coakley, SWK – The HHS Community Engaged Scholarship Award

This award recognizes and rewards faculty who demonstrate excellence in scholarly engagement with community partners.

  • Involved in community engaged scholarship for the past 15 years
  • Has NIH funded project on fathers and sons and sexual decision-making
  • Conducts research in the African-American barbershop community
  • Organizes a Fatherhood Conference
  • Mentors junior researchers, particularly women of color

Dr. Ang Chen, KIN – The HHS Graduate Mentoring Award

This award recognizes and rewards faculty who demonstrate excellence in mentoring graduate students, by assisting them in clarifying and advancing their academic and professional goals. The recipient of this award will automatically be nominated for the UNCG Graduate School Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award.

  • Trains the next generation of scholars who can think creatively and critically, solve problems in academia, and envision the future to advance the discipline
  • Empowers students to develop a sense of ownership of their study
  • Emphasis on goal development, by semester and long-term career goals
  • Initiates process and structure for graduate student annual reviews
  • Creates a supportive environment and caring for wellbeing while holding high expectations
  • His graduate students have been very successful – many awards and impressive accomplishments

Dr. Jennifer Erasquin, PHE – The Junior Research Excellence Award

  • Conducts innovative research that is meaningful and high-quality: Focuses on the social determinants of health and HIV prevention and reducing disparities. Her work in this area has been recognized by the United National Program on HIV/AIDS.
  • Has co-edited book on women’s sexual health across the lifespan
  • Has funding on two internal interdisciplinary grants, co-investigator on several NIH grant submissions
  • Helps develop ties with the InterAmerican Center for Global Health, with the plan to provide research opportunities for faculty and students
  • Is an invaluable and respected graduate mentor and accomplished methodologist

Dr. David Wyrick, PHE, IPAHW – The Senior Research Excellence Award

This award recognizes faculty who demonstrate excellence in their research.

  • Is Founder and Director of the Institute to Promote Athlete Health and Wellness
  • Conducts preventative science with a focus on student-athlete health
  • Has extensive research portfolio and collaborations at UNCG and beyond
  • Is PI or co-I for more than 20 NIH-funded projects
  • Has published 37 scientific articles, several under review
  • Is innovative in research methods, program evaluation and intervention development
  • Created myPlaybook – web-based invention to reduce substance abuse in college athletes – adopted by the NCAA Sport Science Institute and National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. Being used by hundreds of college and university athletic departments

A few photos from celebration in honor of Dr. Celia Hooper

Kim Miller. Rebecca Adams, Bob Strack, Lyn Mankoff, Ellen Ashley, Celia Hooper

Esther Leerkes, Melissa Floyd-Pickard, Celia Hooper,Regina McCoy

Judy Fowler, Esther Leerkes, Celia Hooper, Melissa Floyd-Pickard

Celia Hooper and Regina McCoy

Esther Leerkes, Celia Hooper, Melissa Floyd-Pickard

Ellen Ashley, Lyn Mankoff, Regina McCoy, Jane Harris, Tracy Nichols