2016 Faculty & Staff Awardees

Janeen Chastain – Outstanding Staff Award

The HHS Outstanding Staff Award recognizes a member of the staff in HHS who provides outstanding leadership and service to our School that goes beyond the normal scope of their responsibilities.  This year’s awardee epitomizes those qualities.

Her nominator said that their ever growing department has structural integrity because of her contributions. She is the keeper of institutional history, has her finger on the pulse of the student body, and is a steward of goodwill and integrity throughout her many roles and service, not only in the department, but in the HHS, UNCG and the community. Please join us in congratulating Janeen!

Heather Mitchell, Lisa Walker, and Janeen Chastain – Contributions to Diversity and Inclusion

The Contributions to Diversity and Inclusion Award recognizes and rewards faculty and staff who make significant contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion in health and human sciences professions.

This year’s award goes to three staff who spearheaded a range of programs on issues related to diversity and inclusion, including staff luncheons, a DiversiTEA, and a Book Club. Join us in congratulating Heather Mitchell, Lisa Walker, and Janeen Chastain.

Dr. Anne Brady – HHS/UNCG Teaching Excellence Award

The HHS/UNCG Teaching Excellence Award is made possible each year by the Office of the Provost. Faculty who receive this award are automatically nominated for the University Alumni Teaching Awards.

This year’s awardee recognizes that students come from diverse backgrounds and with varying needs, strengths, and challenges. She strives (very successfully) to reach them on both a professional and personal level.

With her guidance, students learned to take ownership, especially of their internships, enabling them to experience that they really earned their success. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Anne Brady in the Department of Kinesiology, this year’s HHS Teaching Excellence Awardee.

Dr. Tyreasa Washington – Mary Frances Stone Teaching Excellence Award

The Mary Frances Stone Teaching Excellence Award was established in 1957 by her parents, Clarence & Jane Stone, to honor their daughter Mary, class of 1947.  This award is available to any faculty member in the School of HHS.

This year’s Stone Teaching Awardee was described by nominees as highly skilled with facilitating discussion around difficult topics and differing viewpoints. Students past and present commended her for helping them to move beyond opinions to thinking critically, and for enabling them to relate theory to real life situations. They described every encounter with her as positive, refreshing and revitalizing. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Tyreasa Washington, this year’s Mary Frances Stone Teaching Excellence Awardee.

Dr. Jenny Etnier – Gail Hennis Graduate Teaching Award

The Gail Hennis Graduate Teaching Award is available for faculty in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Community and Therapeutic Recreation, Kinesiology and Public Health Education.  Dr. Hennis was a long time faculty member in Kinesiology and former Assistant Dean of the Graduate School.

This year’s awardee was nominated because of her unique and engaging creation of an online statistics course for students in the EdD program. She provided multiple means of communication during the course – discussion boards, YouTube chat sessions, Google hangouts, hangouts on air, and individual emails as needed. Her mastery of the topic together with opportunities for students to learn from each other combined to create a wonderful learning experience for all.

Join us in congratulating Dr. Jenny Etnier in the Department of Kinesiology, this year’s Gail Hennis Graduate Teaching Awardee.

Dr. Jay Poole – HHS Community Engaged Scholarship Award

This year’s awardee leads three projects where students work in interdisciplinary settings providing direct and indirect services to area unserved and under-served populations.  In addition to service, the students and the professionals they work with, utilize participatory action research approaches to help participants identify their needs and work to meet those needs through case and cause advocacy.

Together these three projects have helped literally thousands of vulnerable people to access much needed care and other services. Among those impacted are immigrants, including refugees, and those experiencing homelessness and mental illness. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Jay Poole from the Department of Social Work as this year’s awardee.

Dr. Cheryl Buehler -HHS Graduate Mentoring Award

The HHS Graduate Mentoring Award recognizes and rewards faculty who demonstrate excellence in mentoring graduate students, by assisting them in clarifying and advancing their academic and professional goals. The recipient of this award will automatically be nominated for the UNCG Graduate School Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award.

This year’s awardee has a mentoring philosophy that, as a member of the graduate faculty, believes that it is important to offer support and opportunities to all graduate students, not just those that she advises. She recognizes that different students prosper from differing types of care and training and also that their needs change over time as they develop into accomplished scholars. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Cheryl Buehler – this year’s awardee!

Dr. Amanda Tanner – Junior Research Excellence Award

The Junior Research Excellence Award recognizes a faculty member who demonstrates
excellence in research and potential for growth as a scholar.

In the short time that she has been a faculty member at UNCG, she has distinguished herself as a skilled and passionate researcher. Her work on HIV and STI prevention and treatment has served to guide others’ research and has attracted many graduate students to UNCG to work with her. She is committed to supporting the research endeavors of other faculty and students and has become an active and highly sought after mentor to UNCG students. She is certainly an emerging leader in the field. This year’s Junior Research Excellence Awardee is Dr. Amanda Tanner!

Dr. Cheryl Buehler – Senior Research Excellence Award

The Senior Research Excellence Award recognizes faculty who demonstrate excellence in their research.

This year’s awardee is one of the most widely recognized and influential family scholars in the country. She has been described as having an impressive ability to see through diverse research backgrounds and interests to find points of connection. She then develops those connections so that they bear fruit. Her numerous collaborations with diverse faculty across UNCG and beyond have resulted in numerous internal and external grant proposals, important funded research, as many as 93 research publications, and the preparation of numerous technical reports.

This year’s Senior Research Excellence Awardee is Dr. Cheryl Buehler.