2015 Alumni Awardees

The School of Health and Human Sciences is proud to announce the recipients of Alumni awards for 2014-2015! These awards include the Distinguished Alumni, Lifetime Legacy, Public Service, Emerging Leader, and Pacesetter awards.

Dr. Vikki Krane (PhD ’90 UNCG) – Distinguished Alumni Awardee

Dr. Krane received a PhD in Exercise and Sport Science (now Kinesiology) with a concentration in Sport Psychology from UNCG in 1990. Following graduation, she joined the faculty at Bowling Green State University where she is now a full professor and graduate coordinator in the School of Human Movement, Sport, and Leisure Studies. She is also an affiliated faculty in the Women’s Studies program at Bowling Green.

Dr. Krane is a nationally and internationally renowned scholar of sport and exercise psychology and is most recognized for bringing a feminist perspective to sport with her research on gender. In fact, she is widely recognized as THE leading scholar on gender and sexuality in sport and exercise psychology, especially in regard to her research on body image and the issues and experiences of transgender athletes. Dr. Krane is always ready to consult with young scholars and she does a great deal to bring her scholarship and feminist consciousness to the larger field. Her scholarly and professional contributions have been recognized through several awards. More recently, she was recognized as a leading more “senior” scholar as a fellow in the prestigious National Academy of Kinesiology.

Dr. Vira Kivett (PhD ’76 UNCG ) – Lifetime Legacy Awardee

Dr. Kivett received a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics in 1955 from Woman’s College. She went on to earn a Master of Science in Child Development and Family Relations in 1960, and a Family Relations with a special focus on Social Gerontology in 1976, both from the School of Home Economics at UNCG.

She served as faculty in the Department of Child Development and Family Relations from 1976 through 1999. Her work, both academic and for promoting the welfare of older adults, has spanned several decades. She is one of North Carolina’s most distinguished citizens and one of the most distinguished members of her discipline, gerontology.

Dr. Kivett has been recognized nationally and internationally as one of the most eminent scholars in family studies and has received awards and recognitions, too numerous to mention. She received the O. Max Gardner Award in 1996, the highest honor bestowed by the UNC Board of Governors. In 2012, she was inducted into the Southern Gerontological’s Society Hall of Fame.

Mrs. Rossie Lindsey (BSW ’63 UNCG) – Public Service Awardee

Mrs. Rossie Lindsey is a 1963 graduate of the School of Home Economics with a major in Home Economics Education. She has been an ardent supporter of nutrition education in the community and a generous supporter of students in the Department of Nutrition for many years.

Her support of our nutrition education initiatives has enabled our students to bring programs and displays to churches, community farmers’ markets, health fairs, schools, and other community venues. She constantly steps up to the challenge of supporting not only the Department of Nutrition, but also the dean’s and university’s initiatives.

She, along with her husband Cleaton, were the public face of UNCG Development for many years, visiting donors and potential donors in person; they were very much credited with much of the success of the UNCG Student First campaign. However, most of Mrs. Lindsey’s support has been behind the scenes giving both her time and talent quietly and tirelessly without the desire for recognition.

Juné Rogers (MS ’05 UNCG) – Emerging Leader Award

Ms. Rogers graduated from UNCG in 2005 with a Master’s in Public Health. She came to UNCG from Bennett College where she received many awards, including Student Athlete of the Year and Academic All-American Scholar. An experienced health educator, she served as a health education specialist with the FDA before joining the National Football League Players Association in 2012.

At the NFLPA, she is the first female to hold the position of Director of Drug Program and Policies and the youngest Director within the association. The programs and initiatives that she instituted at the NFLPA have resulted in several positive outcomes for players such as a 50% reduction in amphetamine positive drug tests among NFL players, more favorable outcomes for players facing discipline, and a significant avoidance of unintentional violations of NFL drug policies.

Ms. Rogers is also credited with establishing information dissemination strategies that incorporate various social media platforms to deliver critical and timely information to NFL players, agents, and other key stakeholders.

2013-2014 Pacesetter Awardees:

Ms. Louise Raleigh, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Ms. Louise Raleigh for the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders – Ms. Raleigh received a Master of Arts in Speech Language Pathology from UNCG in 1983.She is an Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

She serves as Director of the UNCG Speech and Hearing Center and has been instrumental in elevating the Center at UNCG since assuming that role. While providing essential prevention, evaluation, and intervention services to residents in the Triad region, the Center provides clinical education to students and opportunities for faculty and students alike to participate in research.

Her years as a clinician and her expertise as a teacher and Director of the UNCG Speech and Hearing Center make her a much sought-after guest lecturer, independent project director, and supervisor of Masters’ Special Projects. Her student evaluations highlighted the mutual respect, shared trust, fairness and open communication that are the hallmarks of her teaching. She is a wonderful mentor to our students.

Dr. Candice Bruton, Department of Community and Therapeutic Recreation Dr. Bruton received a Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Leisure Studies from UNCG in 1993. She later went on to earn a Master of Science in Geography with a specialization in urban planning from UNCG in 2005, and a PhD in Park, Recreation, and Tourism from NC State in 2013. Dr. Bruton worked for many years with the Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department where her primary responsibility was to plan trail and greenway routes throughout the City of Greensboro.

She secured a $600,000 grant to fund a comprehensive trails master plan collaborating with the Guilford County Department of Public Health and the Department of Public Health Education here at UNCG. We are very fortunate that Dr. Bruton joined our faculty in 2013. She brings with her 16 years as a practitioner and this rich practical experience enhances the content of her teaching in the classroom.

She gives students “real” examples and situations that they are likely to encounter when they enter the workforce. Further, her vast professional network has enabled her to help students find meaningful internship placements.

Ms. Kate Foreman, Genetic Counseling Program
Ms. Foreman received her Master of Science in Genetic Counseling from UNCG in 2010. While still a student, Ms. Foreman became involved with clinical research leading to research projects at Duke and Chapel Hill. Her research on exome sequencing has resulted in several presentations to the American Society of Human Genetics and the American College of Medical Genetics annual meetings. More recently she was part of the GeneScreen research project which investigates and evaluates the use of genetic screening for several inherited genetic disorders.

Ms. Foreman also serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor at UNC Chapel Hill. Since graduation, she has become a valued colleague who shares her expertise with students enrolled in our program by providing education experiences, clinical supervision and serving as a research mentor. She gives our students amazing opportunities to practice skills related to cutting-edge technology.

Ms. Brittany Singhas, Gerontology Program
Ms. Singhas earned a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Gerontology in 2011 – a dual degree. She is widely recognized as a thought leader with a unique combination of experience, vision, and entrepreneurial spirit that has positioned her to be a pacesetter in the field of gerontology.

Following graduation, Ms. Singhas led 18 Meals-on-Wheels agencies across 13 counties in Tennessee while working at the Mid-Cumberland Human Resource. In her current position at MedStar Institute for Innovation, she uses her knowledge of aging and health and applies innovative approaches to furthering those fields.

In this project management role, she channels her passion for active aging and helps others to live healthy lives. Ms. Singhas is also a wonderful advocate and volunteers with the local Aging chapter in DC; she also delivers meals to homebound older adults.

Dr. Kari Adamson, Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Dr. Adamsons earned a Master of Science in 2002 and a PhD in 2006, both from the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at UNCG. While at UNCG she served as President of the Graduate Student Association, served on the Provost’s Student Advisory committee, and represented graduate students on many other committees and forums. She left UNCG with a strong background in research having contributed to many research projects in HDFS.

Not surprisingly, she gained a position at a research intensive institution and has been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Connecticut since 2007. Her research focuses primarily on fathering and parenting roles, but also on family theory.She is a highly productive scholar with numerous publications and presentations to her name.

She is a highly valued teacher and mentor to her students, and serves her profession with energy and passion.

Ms. Vicki Simmons, Department of Kinesiology
Ms. Simmons earned a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education in 1975 and a Master of Sciences in PE in 1984. She has taught physical education in North Carolina and Virginia since her graduation. Since 1998, she has taught adapted physical education in Guilford County Schools and she shares this expertise with our undergraduate students in the Department of Kinesiology learning adapted physical education methods.

Ms. Simmons is widely recognized for her excellence in teaching having been selected as a Guilford County Teacher of the Year on multiple occasions. She generously supervises our student teachers and has been instrumental in literally changing their lives and aspirations as many of them are inspired to work with children with special needs.

Ms. Simmons is an influential advocate for exceptional children; she serves on the Advisory Council to the NC State School Board and on the North Carolina Adapted Physical Education Advisory Council. She works closely with community groups to help raise funds to purchase specialized equipment necessary for the students she teaches.

Dr. Corinth Auld, Department of Nutrition
Dr. Auld earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science (now Kinesiology) in 2000 and a PhD in Nutrition in 2006. She has a long history of service to her department, school and university from her time as a student up to and including her current role as President of the HHS Alumni Association.

While at UNCG, her academic scholarship set her apart from her peers. Now, as Medical Science Liaison at Mercodia, Inc., her professional scholarship is reflective of the respected scientist that she has become. She presents nationally and internationally to clinical and biomedical research centers, hospital systems and pharmaceutical companies and is a much sought after panelist and advisory board member.

She is a UNCG graduate who is truly a pacesetter in that she has advanced in her chosen field of study showing exemplary commitment to her profession as a scientist, educator and community leader.

Mr. Barry Murray, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies
Mr. Murray received a Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution from UNCG in 2014. He attended the program while working full time for the City of Greensboro where he has worked since 1999. His commitment to the program was evident during his time as a student when he maintained an aggressive service learning profile, engaging in community activities on a voluntary basis.

One of his memorable initiatives, while a student, was to completely revise the Landlord-Tenant Dispute Program. Under his leadership, a formal structure and ongoing training process was developed contributing to the program’s effectiveness and sustainability.

This UNCG/City of Greensboro collaboration now stands as a model and has been extended to include Guilford College. Mr. Murray is also an active volunteer for the Greensboro Earthday Celebration, highlighting the role and value of recycling.

Captain Mossaab Benhammou, Department of Public Health Education
Captain Benhammou earned a Master of Public Health from UNCG in 2011. He is a highly decorated officer of the United States Air Force who brings great pride to the Department of Public Health Education and to UNCG.

While at UNCG, Captain Benhammou authored, along with faculty, three community based publications. He was often called upon to meet with students being recruited into the program – friendly does not even begin to describe his engaging and outgoing personality. Captain Benhammou is currently Chief of Public Health Operations at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois where he is in charge of providing preventive medicine services to 42,000 members.

As part of his job he must brief those under his command on the vital public health aspects of disease. With the Ebola crisis occurring during his watch, his job involved easing the concerns of commanders sending their troops on missions where there was risk of infection. He worked to ease their concerns and to eliminate the myths about contamination.

Ms. Audrey Hart, Department of Social Work
Ms. Hart graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work in 2012. While at UNCG she was a Civic Engagement Fellow with the Office of Leadership and Service Learning. She recruited UNCG students to volunteer at Avalon Community Center for Refugees resulting in a 20% increase of volunteers.

She monitored that service learning opportunity to assure quality in all services rendered. While an intern with the Center for New North Carolinians, she developed an employment program for newcomers that taught them basic job skills, resulting in increased employment and improved self-efficacy.

Though a recent graduate, Ms. Hart has made a strong name for herself in North Carolina political organizations, exemplifying the diversity and utility of the BSW degree. She now occupies the desirable Political Director position with the North Carolina Democratic Party where among her many projects, she serves as a liaison for the community and community organizations, and serves as program manager for statewide trainings.