Advising and Personal Development Center


What is the Design your Life Program?

What could YOU do in life? — Don’t know? — Not sure? — Need answers?

At the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, we have created a program called Design Your Life that is focused on helping students get more out of their college experience. College is more than getting a college degree – it’s about creating a meaningful life.

We offer courses in the first year that provide students the opportunity to learn about self and create meaningful experiences that matter.

What courses are offered?

The courses are:

  • HHS125:  Design Your Life I – What Could I Do With My Life (1 credit) – typically offered in the Fall Semester
  • HHS135:  Design Your Life II – Redesign a Life You Love (1 credit) – typically offered in the Spring Semester
  • HHS 250:  Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
  • HHS 275:  Entrepreneurial Personal Branding (3 credits)

meaning work diagram

These courses help students define their life story, identify their values and life purpose, define their meaningful work, and develop a plan – not only a plan for graduation, but a plan for the future. Students identify potential career/vocation/calling options and their most heartfelt goals and dreams. In HHS 250, they try out their ideas through the development of an entrepreneurial project.

Why take Design your Life Courses ?

Data show that first-year students who have completed the HHS125 course (with a good grade) are likely to:

  • Earn better grades than students who do not take the course,
  • Are likely to come back for their sophomore year and
  • Graduate at higher rates AND in a more timely fashion (which most likely means less student debt).

In the Design Your Life Program, we do not focus on choosing a major; we help you define your values, your talents and gifts, your interests, and your audience, and then define the meaningful work you are here to do. Once defined, then choose the majors/minors that would allow you to do this meaningful work best. The diagram to the right shows how this works.

If you are clear on your meaningful work, you will be clear on the direction of your future – and your life!