Public Health Education faculty offers state training to support students

Posted on July 11, 2023

UNCG shares a “GUIDE” to student wellbeing with UNC peers

When faculty representatives from the UNC System met for the Faculty Assembly, hosted for the first time by UNC Greensboro on April 14, they learned about a program being offered to faculty and staff members in the System’s institutions across the state.

Guiding Universities in Demonstrating Empathy (GUIDE) was developed by UNCG Professor of Public Health Education David Wyrick with Prevention Strategies, a research and commercialization affiliate of UNCG that promotes health and wellness. It empowers faculty members with empathetic communication skills, so that they can support students’ unique circumstances related to stress and anxiety or other mental health challenges.

Thanks to funding from the North Carolina Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund, UNCG can offer four GUIDE training sessions at no cost to each University in the UNC System.