“Brave Enough to Be It”* New Directions for PCS Programs

Posted on October 11, 2022

Angelo Boone, Eleyan Sawafta, and Madeline Kujabi
PCS attracts local and international students (left-to-right, Angelo Boone, Eleyan Sawafta, and Madeline Kujabi).

This semester, Peace and Conflict Studies (PCS) implements new programs at the bachelor’s and master’s levels that provide students with greater choice and flexibility for earning their degrees as they work for the change they’d like to see in the world. PCS now will highlight three interrelated areas of focus, Sustainability and Climate Change, Social Justice, and Community Engagement, the latter being a longstanding and important emphasis across UNCG and within PCS.

Over the last several years, PCS has been shifting towards having less required courses and more electives, so that now, the B.A. degree can be completed with five plus five, that is, five required courses and five PCS elective courses of a student’s choice. Similarly, the master’s degree concentrations are now built around less required courses and more choice.