Teaching Black Men How to Talk to Their Sons About Sex

Posted on February 28, 2018

Antonio Pickard, Dontae Roberts, Garland Nichols, Moyosore Olusesi
Antonio Pickard, right, talks with (left to right) UNCG research assistant Dontaé Roberts, foster care and social worker Garland Nichols, and UNCG graduate student Moyosore Olusesi, about how he discusses sex with his sons on Saturday, February 17, 2018 at Razor Line Barbershop in Greensboro. Pickard has seven kids and openly communicates with them about safe, smart sexual practices.

Antonio Pickard is a father of seven, including four boys, ages 13 to 18. He may not have the answers to all of his sons’ questions, but he wants them to be prepared in at least one area: sex.

“I know that when my boys actually decide that they’re ready, I’m going to show them the same way my dad showed me, with a broom and a condom,” he said. “It ain’t no excuse for you not knowing how to use this or how to do this.”