Department of Social Work

School of Health and Human Sciences

Dr. Coakley Tanya Coakley (Ph.D., University of Tennessee), Associate Professor: Minority health disparities, family foster care, kinship care, father involvement, cultural competence and standardized assessment. Vita Email:
Professor Dennison Susan Dennison (MSW, Barry University) Associate Professor; School Social Work Coordinator: At risk children and youth, group work with all populations, the evaluation of practice, and revitalization of the family unit. Vita Email:
Melissa Floyd-Pickard (Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University), Professor and Department Chair: Practice with people who have serious mental illness, issues in family substance abuse recovery, innovative alternatives to involuntary treatment, professional dissonance in social work practice. Vita Email:
Dr. Hurd Elisabeth Porter Hurd (Ph.D., University of Chicago), Associate Professor : Families and children, interpersonal violence, strength based social work teaching and practice, program evaluation. Vita Email:
Dr. Kaplan Alicia Kaplan (MSW, JMSW Program: NC A&T SU and UNCG) Assistant Professor, Co-Director of JMSW Field Instruction Program, Research and practice interests: Child Welfare, Trauma, Clinical Social Work Practice. Vita Email:
Justin Lee Justin S. Lee (Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University), Assistant Professor: Acculturation in immigrant and refugee populations, unaccompanied minors, university-community collaboration, technology in higher education, qualitative research methods. Vita Email:
Dr. Lindsey Elizabeth W. Lindsey (Ph.D., University of Georgia), Professor : Child welfare training evaluation, homeless families and youth. Vita Email:
Fran Pearson (MSW, North Carolina A & T State University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro), Lecturer, Project Coordinator for the Congregational Social Work Educational Initiative: Gerontology; mental health. Vita Email:
Dr. Poole Jay Poole (Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro), Assistant Professor: identity, including gender and sexuality, clinical social work practice, and gerontology in social work practice. Vita Email:
Dr. Washington Tyreasa Washington (Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago; MSW, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Assistant Professor: Child Welfare (including kinship care) and mental health and substance abuse among minority populations. Vita Email:
Daniel Rhodes Daniel Rhodes (Ph.D.University of North Carolina at Greensboro), Assistant Professor and Director of the BSW Program: Community mental health, immigrant and refugee populations, conflict resolution, restorative justice, peace and social justice issues, Engaged Buddhism, ecopsychology, international social work and social development. Vita Email:
Dr. Rife John Rife (Ph.D., Ohio State University), Professor, Director of BSW Field Instruction Program: The social and economic impacts of unemployment and income deficiency upon older workers, families, and the homeless. Vita Email:
Dr. Schmitz Cathryne L. Schmitz (Ph.D., The Ohio State University; MSW, University of Washington) Professor, Department of Social work: Organizational development and community building, analysis of the privilege/oppression nexus, critical multiculturalism, leadership, interdisciplinary education, global engagement, peacebuilding, and environmental sustainability. Joint appointment with Department of Peace and Conflict Studies; Professor and Chair, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies. Vita Email:
Danielle Swick Danielle Swick (Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), Assistant Professor: Evidence-based practice, school-based intervention research, child and adolescent mental health, community-engagement in research, quantitative analysis. Vita Email:
Dr. Wineberg Robert Wineburg (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh), Jefferson Pilot Excellence Professor: The relationship between federal domestic social welfare policy and service provision; the involvement of religious organizations in local service delivery and policy development. Vita Email: