Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal Dedication

Dr. Shawn Ladda, Past President, National Association for Girls and Women in Sport

     The Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal was founded by Marlene Adrian in 1992 and gifted to the National Association for Girls and Women in Sport (NAGWS).  NAGWS was founded in 1899 with the mission to develop and deliver equitable and quality sport opportunities for ALL girls and women through relevant research, advocacy, leadership development, educational strategies, and programming in a manner that promotes social justice and change.  NAGWS as part of American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, & Dance (AAHPERD) experienced structural change and thus an outside entity was sought to preserve the NAGWS legacy.  In 2010, the Program for the Advancement for Girls and Women in Sport and Physical Activity (PAGWSPA) was established at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro.  PAGWSPA purchased Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal for a dollar and will continue to publish this journal as part of preserving the NAGWS legacy and to continue its work through the PAGWSPA.

In honor of the WSPAJ Founder Marlene Adrian, her original dedication appears below:

Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal is dedicated to all those persons who shared the dream of creating a journal to enhance the visibility of scholarly and research activities relative to the world of girls and women in sport and physical activity.  These persons were hopeful that such a journal would create a significant influence upon the lives of girls and women participating in sports and physical activity, those administering sports and other physical activity programs, and those conducting research in this area.

The Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal is designed to be a vehicle by which a body of knowledge can be identified more readily and accessed more conveniently.  In addition, researchers and other scholars will have the opportunity and encouragement to conduct research pertinent to the issues and concerns of the female community and to serve as reviewers and editorial board members.  The journal is also envisaged as another means of increasing the understanding and common concerns of the women in all countries.  We must strive to better communicate among the diverse and multicultural women of the world and anticipate that we will be able to accept non-English manuscripts in the future.

Special acknowledgement is given to the Assistant and Associate editors, including Marianna Trekell and Toni Bruce who helped during the pre-planning of the premier issue.  Also, I extend a special appreciation to the Editorial Review Board, Review Editors, and reviewers of the manuscripts.

May this premier issue be one of many.  May the Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal be a stimulus for the advancement of knowledge and the facilitation of enhanced and increased opportunities for girls and women to enjoy and benefit from sports and other physical activities.”

Marlene Adrian, 1992

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