Purpose and Rationale for the 2013 Conference

Since the passage of Title IX, there has been a tremendous increase in female sports participation at all levels.  However, increased sports participation of female athletes has also increased the incidence of sport-related injuries.  In fact, some research suggests that female athletes experience dramatically higher rates of specific musculoskeletal injuries compared to male athletes and that female injuries are often more severe than male sport injuries.    Given the developmental differences between female and male athletes with the onset of puberty, scholars and medical doctors who specializes in the growth and development of female athletes, suggests that  around age 10 to 12 physical differences become more prominent and we start to see girls perform differently than boys in sport and physical activity settings, which can have implications for performance, injury and recovery.

Our conference will focus on female athletes and injury including prevention, treatment and recovery.  Our main goal is provide the most current and up-to-date research on female athletes and injury, while providing practical and applied skills and knowledge for the conference attendees.