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Why give to the Program for the Advancement of Girls and Women in Sport and Physical Activity at UNCG?

Most programs within the UNC  system are state assisted, not state supported. While state assistance can take many forms for different programs, the development of the Program for the Advancement for Girls and Women in Sport and  Physical Activity (PAGWSPA), came along at a unique and challenging time for  all state assisted programs. In reality, the 2009-2010 academic year was probably not the best time to start a new  program within the UNC system. However,  an incredible opportunity to partner and collaborate with the National Association  for Girls and Women in Sport (NAGWS) presented itself, and we decided to take  it. After several months of collaborative talks and a national competition among five universities in the US, NAGWS  decided to make UNCG and the Center for Women’s Health and Wellness (CWHW) it’s  new, university home.

Interestingly, NAGWS was looking for a university partner, because after 111 years of advocating and working towards quality and equality programs for girls and women in sport and physical activity, NAGWS was facing tremendous financial challenges and the leadership of NAGWS decided that if they were going to continue their mission to advocate for girls and women in sport and physical activity settings, they were going to  have to do business differently, which eventually brought them to UNCG.

Given UNCG’s amazing history as a  woman’s college and its historical roots in physical education, coaching and athletics, and because of the current faculty base doing work in the areas of  gender, power, sport and physical activity, NAGWS, decided that the CWHW at UNCG would be the best university home to continue to advance the mission of NAGWS. As a result, the PAGWSPA was created and we have begun our own portfolio educational outreach programs and scholarship and research.  In order to continue our work, we need financial support in whatever form you can provide it.  Monies raised will pay for things like:

  • Graduate student support
  • Faculty grants to support  scholarship and research around girls, women, sport and physical activity.
  • Our bi-annual symposium series,  “Becoming a better athlete….off the field.”
  • Our annual, national conference (the first of its kind in the US), including our keynote speaker series.
  • The Emerging Scholars Program
  • The Young Scholars Program
  • Monthly, on-line podcasts to  provide the most up-to-date
    information for all of the teachers, coaches and  other professionals
    working with girls and women in sport and physical activity  settings.

Your gift will allow us to have a  tremendous impact on the sport and physical activity experiences of girls and women. Through faculty involvement and  scholarship and research we can help educate teachers, coaches and other  professionals on the most appropriate and current methods of working with girls and women in sport and physical activity settings. Our national conference and bi-annual symposium series is a low cost, I dare say lowest cost conference in the  country. Your gift allows us to keep the  cost of attendance low for teachers and coaches who are sometimes not able to  attend conferences and symposiums due to the outrageous attendance costs. Your gift will also allow us to operate our Young Scholars and Emerging Scholars program which will help us create the next generation of scholars and practioners committed to working in and for girls and women in sport and physical activity settings.

Please contact Dr. Donna Duffy, Program Director of PAGWSPA at to support our program or for more information.

Thank you for your interest.