The Department of Nutrition

School of Health and Human Sciences

Questions and Answers signpostIf you are interested in getting involved in nutrition-related research, check out the faculty research descriptions that are on the Dept. of Nutrition website , then discuss your interest with a faculty member doing the type of research with which you want to be involved. Faculty members may have funding for an assistantship through grants or may help you submit an application to the UNCG Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creativity Office for an Undergraduate Research Assistantship.

Check out the Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program available through UNCG. This website includes information about the application process, deadlines for submitting applications for research during fall, spring, and summer sessions, and the forms to use.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is in place to ensure that human subjects involved in research are adequately protected and that the institution acts in accordance with the federal regulations regarding research with human subjects.  Prior to the initiation of any research efforts that involve human subjects, an IRB review is required.  Please visit the Office of Research Integrity website for more information.