NTR Faculty, Staff and Student Accomplishments

Recent Honors, Awards and Achievements

2015-2016 Highlights

  • Congratulations to Burgin Ross, who was recognized as a UNCG Faculty Promotion & Tenure Honoree for 2015.  It’s a unique UNCG tradition that faculty achieving promotion and/or tenure are honored at a reception – and they choose one book for the University Libraries’ collection that will be bookplated to commemorate the milestone.
  • Congratulations to Shaikhah Almesbah and Rachel Isom, who were inducted into the Golden Chain Honor Society.  Inductees must be a junior or senior with a grade point average of 3.25 or higher and must exhibit the qualities of leadership, scholarship, service, judgment, tolerance, magnanimity and character.
  • Congratulations to Shaikhah Almesbah, who was one of ten students presented with the  second annual Spartans of Promise Award.  Each year the Alumni Association presents ten outstanding UNCG seniors with the  Spartans of Promise award in recognition of exceptional achievement in both academic and service endeavors.  Shaikhah is originally from Kuwait and currently resides in Greensboro.  Shaikhah is a Nutrition major, with a Human Nutrition and Dietetics concentration.  She has served as a research assistant, and is a University Marshal.  She has made the Chancellor’s list and is a recipient of the School of Health and Human Sciences Scholarship.

2014-2015 Highlights

  • Congratulations to Kevan Mellendick for receiving the Emerging Leader in Nutrition Science, Obesity Research Interest Section award in the American Society of Nutrition Poster Competition.
  • Congratulations to Wan Shen, for receiving the 2015 Nutrition Department Outstanding Graduate Student Award.
  • Congratulations to Leanne King, for receiving the 2015 Nutrition Department Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award.
  • Congratulations to Rose Ewald, senior Nutrition major, who was a second place winner in the Thomas Undergraduate Research and Creativity Expo held on April 7, 2015. Her poster is entitled “Hypertension in Low-Income, Immigrant and Minority Adolescents”. She is mentored by Dr. Lauren Haldeman.
  • Congratulations to Leanne King and Elisa Smith, who each will be awarded the 2015 Lloyd International Honors College Student Excellence Award on April 29, 2015.  This award is given to UNCG Seniors based on superior demonstration of creativity and originality; motivation, initiative and perseverance; analytic, synthetic and critical thinking skills; and the ability to communicate orally and in writing.
  • Congratulations to Darius Bennett, sophomore Nutrition major, who was selected for one of the eight 2015 Summercise Internship opportunities in Nome, Alaska.
  • Congratulations to Danielle Nunnery, who received the 2015 ASN Travel Award, sponsored by the FASEB-MARC program.  Danielle will attend the Experimental Biology meeting in March 2015 to present her paper entitled:  Prenatal Food Insecurity:  How is it Related to Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes Among Low-income Women.
  • Congratulations to Lauren Sastre, who received the American Public Health Association Student Assembly Scholarship Award.  Recipients had to write an essay and describe how attending the APHA annual meeting would be beneficial and how they would promote and educate regarding APHA.   Lauren discussed her positions as UNCG’s KON (HHS Honors Society) chapter President as well as NGSA Vice President as avenues with which she can distribute information and updates to health science students here at UNCG.  Transcripts and grades were also a part of the review.   Lauren also discussed her presentation at this year’s conference and indicated how traveling would allow her to network with other researchers and professionals with common interests/work.  The award also included an additional position for her to serve as an APHA Campus Liaison for UNCG for the 2014-2015 school year.  Lauren also received the Williams Award in Arts Health to fund an additional project to her dissertation research titled “Our Voice, Our Health” in which she will now be able to develop nutrition and health resources with students at a local newcomers school.
  • Congratulations to Kevan Mellendick, recipient of the Jessie C. Obert Memorial Scholarship from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation.  This scholarship recognizes outstanding achievement by a member of the Academy who is enrolled in a graduate program.  Kevan, a doctoral student in the Nutrition Department, is also a Registered Dietitian and a Lieutenant in the US Navy Reserve, Medical Service Corps. 

2013-2014 Highlights

  • Amy Strickland selected for North Carolina Dietetic Association’s Outstanding Dietetics Educator Award.
  • Dr. Michael McIntosh selected as UNCG nominee for O. Max Gardner award.
  • Babbi Hawkins was awarded the Mary Frances Stone Teaching Award.
  • Dr. Lauren Haldeman received the Dean’s Disco Ball Award.
  • Dr. Lauren Haldeman selected for the 2014 Dannon Institute Academic Mid-Career Nutrition Leadership Institute.
  • Ph.D. graduate Amber Haroldson now working as an assistant professor at Ball State University.
  • Kate Towery had her abstract entitled “Infant Feeding Risks Differ by Language Preference and Age Group:  Implications for Nutrition Educators” accepted for presentation to the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior annual meeting in Milwaukee, WI.
  • Jonathan Messer was selected as 2013-2014 Nutrition Outstanding Graduate Student.
  • Rose Ewald selected to Golden Chain Society.
  • Michelle Cardenas selected to Golden Chain Society.
  • Lindsey Yemc selected to Golden Chain Society.
  • Lindsey Yemc selected for Lloyd International Honors College 2014 Student Excellence Award.
  • Dana DeSilva selected for Lloyd International Honors College 2014 Student Excellence Award.
  • Lindsey Yemc was selected as 2013- 2014 Nutrition Outstanding Undergraduate Student.