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The Department of Nutrition offers graduate studies leading to the Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree, an accredited post-baccalaureate Dietetic Internship, as well as undergraduate studies with majors in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Nutrition and Wellness, and Nutrition Science.

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Congratulations to Lauren Sastre, who received the American Public Health Association Student Assembly Scholarship Award.  Recipients had to write an essay and describe how attending the APHA annual meeting would be beneficial and how they would promote and educate regarding APHA.   Lauren discussed her positions as UNCG’s KON (HHS Honors Society) chapter President as well as NGSA Vice President as avenues with which she can distribute information and updates to health science students here at UNCG.  Transcripts and grades were also a part of the review.   Lauren also discussed her presentation at this year’s conference and indicated how traveling would allow her to network with other researchers and professionals with common interests/work.  The award also included an additional position for her to serve as an APHA Campus Liaison for UNCG for the 2014-2015 school year.

Lauren also received the Williams Award in Arts Health to fund an additional project to her dissertation research titled “Our Voice, Our Health” in which she will now be able to develop nutrition and health resources with students at a local newcomers school. 


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